Young Entrepreneurs Impress


Young entrepreneurs test their sales skills

Young entrepreneurs test their sales skills

The young people of Peter Jones’ newly established National Enterprise Academy have blown us away! This sparky group of 16 – 19 year olds are an inspiration, demonstrating phenomenal sales skills and negotiation skills. Just 25 made it through a tough selection panel to take part in this full time course devoted to developing the entrepreneurial skills of its students. Back in November 2006 New Tricks Training mentored a group of youngsters in a Dragon’s Den style event entitled “The Pitch” in Milton Keynes. Our sessions on presentation skills went down a storm and helped two attendees secure investment from, among others, Peter Jones. This has led to us being invited to run workshops at the Academy on subjects as diverse as marketing & sales and financial accounting ratios.

What has struck us above all else is the positive attitude, speed of thought and creativity of these young people. Asked which accounting application we use (Quickbooks) and if we’d recommend it (yes we would) one of the group immediately googled away, got on the phone to a provider and negotiated a very favourable discount for herself and indeed every other member of the group! ¬†Asking for a discount through a group or association is a fantastic way of getting a good deal for a large purchase. Take a leaf out of their book and see if you can get a discount for bulk by collaborating with others. Ask yourself; are you making the most of your memberships of your trade association, chamber of commerce or networking group?


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