Bra-tastic training


It is not every day that we get to deliver a course aimed at four pink bras!  But today we did just that to an awesome foursome with a mad mission in mind! The ladies in question (in the photo below) are Deb Hunt, Helen Taylor, Annemarie Smith and Audra Selley.  Their story starts (ironically) on April Fools’ Day 2008 when Deb was diagnosed with breast cancer.  After a mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiotherapy she is well again and decided to do a skydive to raise money for Breakthrough Breast Cancer.  After that amazing feat, the others, three of her friends, decided that they wanted to do something in support.  They became a sort of Three Musketeers to Deb’s d’Artagnan – the self-styled “Four Pink Bras” and they have embarked on a challenge to raise £20,000 by way of a sponsored climb to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro. Naturally they are looking for cash but were also asking seeking sponsorship in kind.

The Four Pink Bras

The Four Pink Bras, Deb, Helen, Annemarie and Audra

At NewTricks we know how vital it is for speakers going out onto the networking circuit – in order to raise funds – to deliver a cracking presentation.  However great the cause, nobody wants to be bored out of their mind at 7:30am!  And so with that in mind we offered one of pur Powerful Presentation Skills training course for the “Four Pinks Bras”… and what a great day we enjoyed with them all.

Four nervous ladies arrived at Bloxham Mill Business Centre – who kindly donated the use of one of their conference rooms – and four far more confident ladies have departed.

In our day together we concentrated on putting together a talk with a good structure and explored the ways in which they could hold an audience’s attention. We then focused on how to make the presentation memorable and achieve the objectives that they have set themselves.  Some time was spent on ways to overcome nerves and on delivering a presentation with real flair. Finally  (and vitally) we looked for alternatives to the dreaded bullet points in PowerPoint… see our twitter post on that very subject!

Good luck to the ladies with your fund raising (you can make a donation – dosh or services via their splendidly titled (or is that tittled) Twin Peaks website) and we are looking forward to hearing all about it when they return. That’ll be another presentation then – we’ve already booked them in to The 729 Club in Chipping Norton!

All for one and one for all!


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One Response to “Bra-tastic training”

  1. Joy McCarthy Says:

    Sounds like a brilliant day Ken and I’m sure the girls came away with a wealth of knowledge from guys (as well as sore sides from laughing!).

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