Delivery Skills from the Neck Up!


Well you asked to see Tim in action – here he is with his mate Pat Presenter.

In summary:

  • Ensure you give your audience eye-contact. Care when using PowerPoint! Many speaks gaze lovingly at the screen rather than at the audience.
  • Listen out for signals from the audience.
  • Remove distractions. Brush your hair and, on a similar note (below the neck) do up your flies, press your trousers/skirt and shine your shoes!)
  • For goodness sake, smile. Look pleased to be there. Unless of course you’re giving bad news in which case a maniacal grin just won’t do!
  • Use your voice. Vary the pitch, pace, tone and volume to keep the audience engaged throughout. If you can’t sound passionate (or at the very least, enthusiastic) about your subject – decline offers to speak about it!

You’ll find more Tips on our site’s FREE Downloads page


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