Great Service from GO Outdoors


What a joy to find a retailer that really gets customer service right!  As you may have gathered from our previous posts on the subject (How far do you spread the word… and Seven Ways to Lose your Customers Parts 1 & 2) we are passionate about customer service.

My trusty walking shoes finally gave up the ghost and so I took myself off to Go Outdoors in Oxford to buy a replacement pair.   Go Outdoors offer a huge range which is brilliant but choice can be overwhelming. Luckily their brilliant staff is there to help.  After the warm welcome I received on entering the store I took myself off to the footwear department. Once there a very knowledgeable sales assistant asked questions to establish my needs and price range and narrowed the choice down to three shoes. He explained the features and, more importantly, the benefits of each and helped me to decide on the shoe that met my needs. He was able to recommend from his own personal experience – which, to my mind, is always reassuring.  With the shoes selected it was off to the till where one of his colleagues was just as helpful and friendly.

As a trainer in sales & service this was all music to my ears. It’s a pleasure being “sold to”, when you are “sold to” well. So, I was happy to tweet about the service using our #bestservice hashtag and just as happy to pen this blog.

I enjoyed the whole transaction so much that I actually found myself standing in the car park wondering what else I could go in to buy!  I resisted the temptation on this occasion but, in the words of Arnold Schwarzenegger, I’ll be back!

So, people, who presses your “happy button” when it comes to #bestservice or, conversely, who gives the opposite #surlyservice?? Leave me your comments – I’d love to hear them


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