Are Rain Makers born or are they made?


Rain Making

Rain Making?

There are many clichés and adages in sales training; “People buy from people they know, like and trust” is one of my favourites – because it’s so true.  The key job for all of us who have a product or service to sell is to become known, liked and trusted in our market place.

There are many ways in which you can do this, including:

  • writing blogs and articles
  • giving presentations
  • staying in touch with clients after the job is done
  • developing questioning and listening skills
  • becoming astute at spotting opportunities
  • and networking.

Ford Harding, the man who coined the phrase “Rain Making” to describe the processes needed to generate good quality leads, recommends all of the above. A “rain maker” brings in more business to her firm than she can service herself. Any business would love to have more Rain Makers in its employ.

Harding makes the point in the introduction to his book “Rain Making” that “whilst many firms offer in-house training on technical issues… marketing & sales training is…” and I quote, “…spotty.”

Out Networking

Working the Room?

When we go networking we see that not everyone is good at it.  Many actually undermine their likeability, trustworthiness to a point where people just don’t want to know them! It’s often because they put too much pressure on themselves to sell. They don’t. They get frustrated. They give up.

At New Tricks we train people to network properly… we help to create Rain Makers.

Our top tips for Networkers include:

  • Rather than focussing on generating business, first focus on becoming known, liked and trusted.  It’s unlikely business will flow until those qualities are established.
  • Develop a succinct “elevator pitch” that describes how you help your clients– rather than just listing what you and your firm do!
  • Get there early – it’s much easier to introduce yourself to new arrivals.
  • Smile, say “hello” and ask lots of questions
  • Target yourself to meet at least five new people and to find out what they do. Look for a co-incidence
  • Make an effort to remember and use people’s names in conversation – it impresses and really help establish rapport
  • Follow-up with people you’ve met – a “follow-up cup of coffee” is a more realistically achievable outcome than a bit of business.

For other blog posts on Networking see How to remember People’s Names and Are you Networking or Just Connecting

I recommend the latest edition of Ford Harding’s book Rainmaking: Attract New Clients No Matter What Your Field – here’s what others thought.

Please buy it from your local Independent Bookshop though. Mine’s Jaffé & Neale


One Response to “Are Rain Makers born or are they made?”

  1. Lucy Lavers (@LucyLavers) Says:

    thanks Ken very insightful. Remembering names is a hard one but I will go and discover the secret to that now too!

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