ken norman and tim lyon new tricks training

Ken Norman and Tim Lyon New Tricks Training

Before you know it you’ll be speaking with impact, selling professionally, negotiating effectively – and leaving your customers and audience wanting more.

You wouldn’t send a novice golfer to play golf with your best client, would you? You value the relationship with your client too much. So why would you send someone inexperienced at speaking to present your company in public or with clients? Would you really put your whole company’s reputation at risk like that? And what would it do to your own personal credibility?

Many presentation and sales training courses are good on the day, but if you don’t remember what you’ve learned beyond that, it’s wasted. At New Tricks all our training is lively, engaging and practical – and designed for real-world situations. It’s also the most entertaining training you’re likely to find anywhere! It’s a whole lot of fun – which makes the learning last longer.

With over ten years’ experience, we’re highly experienced trainers and have helped thousands of people develop their communication skills, banish their fears about speaking in public and overcome obstacles when it comes to selling. Many national organisations trust us with their teams and their training needs, including Grant Thornton, NatWest, the National Trust, Royal Bank of Scotland – plus many other smaller companies you won’t have heard of but whose staff are now busy speaking and selling successfully!

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