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Going Viral

July 19, 2012

Big Society Video Ken NormanLast year I had spectacular success using Social Media to highlight a concern at Chipping Norton Lido where I was a trustee. I made a four-minute long video detailing my experience of and reservations about “The Big Society” which I posted to YouTube. I then used my “Twitter” account to promote it.

One Friday afternoon I cleaned and tidied my office, positioned my web cam to achieve an “interesting” angle (i.e. not square-on to the computer screen) and spoke (in a one take) into the lens. To keep me on track I had some cues on post-it notes stuck up round the camera and on my desk (you can see me glance at them every now and then.) Using Apple’s “i-movie” I edited out the odd pause and added photos to illustrate the key points I was making (and to mask any really obvious stumbles over my lines!) Using the superbly simple apple mac software, I added titles and some intro music, and within an sixty-minutes I had uploaded the edited video onto YouTube.

I sent out a few tweets during the day  (generating 25 or so views from my own followers) and rescheduling the tweet (using Hootsuite)over the next 24 hours generated another 200 views.  It was truly exiting to see more and more people re-tweeting (or RT-ing) and watching the video over that weekend. By Monday I’d had 650 views and I thought it’d be good fun if I reached 1,600 views (the significance of this number we become clear if you watch the film!)

I then unwittingly  unleashed the extraordinary reach of Twitter. I simply used Twitter’s “search” facility to find other folk who had tweeted on “The Big Society”

I noticed tweets by Sunday Times journalist, India Knight, Dr Ben Goldacre and comedian Marcus Brigstocke all articulating their concerns (i.e. having a go) about Mr Cameron’s ideology. I replied to their tweets and in my reply included a link to my own little rant. “Brilliant point there Marcus! Have you seen this vid about The Big Society http://link.” These three wonderful people retweeted the link (they have 200,000 followers between them) and within two weeks my video had been viewed 9,000 times. India Knight said, “Watch Mr Angry of Chipping Norton make a fair point about The Big Society”. One of Iher followers was Alan Rusbridger (The Guardian’s Editor ) and he retweeted, “Watch this strangely compelling video” to his own 40,000 followers.

The results were astounding.

Marcus Brigstocke Twitter Feed

Marcus Brigstocke’s Twitter Feed

The video has now been seen by  12,600 people. The virility of the video also meant that it made page 1 of Google for the search term “Big Society” and that meant that I was bombarded with enquiries from journalists, researchers and the like. I’ve raised £1,250 of sponsorship from many who followed the link to my everyclick fundraising page included in the YouTube video. Mind you I had to run the Great North Run into the bargain.

Some people  pointed me to funding streams that proved useful, others just sent good wishes and moral support. As for The Lido we’ve had interviews with the Banbury Guardian, The Daily Mirror, The New York Times, BBC Radio 5 Live and The Guardian. Jeremy Clarkson wrote about us in his Sunday Times column one weekend. French Canadian Radio Television included in their film (due to be broadcast this September) The Lido as an example of The Big Society in action. All marvellous profile.

So, based on what I learned, here are my top tips for making and promoting a YouTube Video?

  • Plan and rehearse what you want to say
  • Include a call to action
  • Prepare to be contentious
  • Wear your heart on your sleeve
  • Be passionate and animated when speaking to camera
  • Use post-it notes as key word cues
  • Don’t worry about the odd verbal slip-up (I appear unable to say the word “thousand!”)
  • Set up the camera and room to look interesting
  • Add pictures, titles and music if possible
  • Add tags and links to the video description
  • Respond to comments
  • Tweet about it
  • Schedule different tweets at different times of the day
  • Identify others with an interest in your subject
  • Tweet them and ask for their view.
  • Be prepared to defend your view.
  • Thank people for their advice, views and/or recommendations.

If you’d like help constructing a video presentation, help with filming or editing – just give me a call on 0845 003 8175.