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I’ve just witnessed a beige presentation…

March 6, 2012

Oh dear.

The speaker has just sat down and I am confused. I think it might have been interesting for some of the audience, there’s a brief ripple of applause. There again I think they’re just being polite. I’m not really sure what he just talked about. He’s overrun too, so there’s no time to ask a question. Everyone’s leaving.

He’s just underwhelmed me in a number of ways.

Firstly, he doesn’t seem terribly enthusiastic. Dale Carnegie once suggested that you should only speak about something for which you have a passion. This chap’s voice is flat and monotonous. He looks miserable too!

Secondly, he’s not really shared anything that was of use to me. No insight, no advice, no warning, no apocryphal tale, no heart-warming story, no tip, no offer… nothing. Just fact after fact after fact about his business – whatever it was.

Finally, he just finished rather abruptly.  He didn’t conclude his talk well – had he done so I might have had a fighting chance of letting you know what I’ve just been listening to.

That was a really “beige” presentation. I prefer mine kaleidoscopic!

  • Only speak about something for which you have a passion
  • Smiling helps convey enthusiasm (not a fixed grin though!)
  • Work at getting some variety in your voice
  • Share something of use with your audience (you may need to do some research to work out what that might be)
  • Conclude your talk by summarising your key points, and
  • Please finish on time.

If you’d like some help with putting together an interesting talk or presentation just get in touch!