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5 Ahas of LinkedIn

July 27, 2012

LinkedIn is a brilliant marketing tool. Many business owners have a Linked-In profile but their only interaction is to occasionally invite (or to accept an invitation from) someone they’ve recently bumped into. Unwittingly they are providing loads of information for their competitors. Fortunately, not many of their competitors understand how to tap into that data!

Here then are 5 Ahas of LinkedIn aimed at helping you get a bit more from this wonderful resource.

Aha #1 – your profile should be like an elevator pitch

Your profile needs to be engaging and written in a way that succinctly describes how you help people. You have just 160 characters in your “Professional Headline” so make them count!

Business Owner, Director, Managing Director etc. are not effective ways of describing what it is that you do (they are merely job titles.)

Treat your profile as an”elevator pitch” and focus on the benefits that your customers get from working with/buying from you by telling a story.

Ensure you have a profile picture that show you in a good light – smiling and not too quirky.

To edit your “Professional Headline”:

  • Log in
  • Click ‘Profile’ then ‘Edit Profile’ then the ‘Edit’ alongside your name.
  • You will see ‘Professional Headline’ a few lines down (it’s a box that at first glance doesn’t include the full description.

Make sure you have links from your LinkedIn Profile to your web page and your twitter account.

Offer something to people who find you – a free half-hour of consultancy, a fact sheet, a sample of your product etc.

Aha #2 – use LinkedIn to Build Rapport – NOT to SPAM

Don’t just broadcast! Get involved.

Scan the activity reported toward the bottom on your home page. Say “Hi” “Congratulations” “Great Link” “Thanks for that” etc!  Share interesting relevant material with others.

Ask for recommendations from people you know well, satisfied customers and the like.

Better still give recommendations to your own service providers, customers and others in your network. Be genuine.

Join relative groups and join in the conversation.

Don’t spam. If all you ever do is publicise your events, products and services people will see you as a spammer. PLEASE  don’t spam people!

Aha #3 – LinkedIn’s great for finding potential clients

Use the Advanced Search facility to target specific prospects. You might be looking for specific industry sectors, people who hold specific positions within an organisation etc.

Go to ‘Advanced Search’ at the top right of the LinkedIn screen and tick as many boxes as relevant. I would also limit the search to 2nd degree and Group Connections. Use the post code box to set a geographic limit (if necessary) and when you’re done click ‘search.’

Look through the results and from the list look to begin a conversation with just one or two people a day.

You could do that by following them on “Twitter” (if they show a link to their twitter account) and begin the conversation.

Ideally, for 2nd Degree Connections, pick up the phone to the contact that links you and ask them to put you both in touch. I wouldn’t recommend using In-mail to make a ‘blind’ approach. It would be like a cold call – not impossible – just improbable.

Aha #4  – Tagging your connections is a great way of getting focussed!

Use Tags to segment your connections. This means you can send selected, targeted communications aimed at specific segments. This is much better than copying in everyone on all your communications. That (as I am sure you’ll appreciate from the experience of others doing that to you) just gets irritating for people who are likely to disconnect from or ignore you.

LinkedIn automatically assigns some tags (friends, partners, group members etc.) dependent on how you LinkedIn with the connection.

To assign your own tags:

  • Click on “Contacts” from the menu bar
  • Click on “All connections”  in left hand column – this brings up your contacts in the box.
  • Select a number contacts and assign a “Tag”… might be “accountants” or “potential clients” “influencers” etc. Only you can see the tags that you have assigned.
  • You create a new tag by clicking “Edit tags” which opens up a box – type in the “tag” you wish to assign to these connections.

To send a message to all members of a “tagged” group of your contacts simply click the “Tag” in the left hand column  and then send message in the right hand column.

You can choose specific members from a number of groups simply by ticking their name. This will add their names individually to the list. Again just click send message and your away!

Aha #5 – you can choose how you are found

Firstly you need to decide on how you would wish to be found. It’s a bit like deciding the key words you’d choose for your website.

Say you want people to find you as “hypnotherapist.” Then you need to ensure this word crops up as many times as possible in your overall profile.

The word count is what determines how high up in the returned search results you feature. A word of caution – ensure that in an effort to increase the word count that you do not turn your profile into an unintelligible mess!

You should get your chosen search terms into your professional headline, within your current and past positions, in your summary and within the section that details your experience too.

There you have it – my 5 ahas of LinkedIn. These tips are a small sample of ways in which you can make a big impact upon the effectiveness of your LinkedIn profile.

If you would like to find out more – then get in touch with me, Ken Norman at New Tricks Training!